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When I think of Abraham, of all the mistakes that he made, and Moses and his mistakes, but when Paul wrote Abraham's Divine commentary, he never mentioned one thing about Abraham's unbelief, no, no, never was even accounted to him. He said, Abraham staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong, giving praise to God. My humble prayer is, before the grace of God that's here this morning: I hope mine's wrote like that, that He won't see my mistakes. That when my commentary is written, my obituary, that it won't be read out that I made mistakes and done wrong, but He'll only see the things that I tried to do for Him.

Rev. William Branham
April 6, 1909 - December 24, 1965

William Branham Life Story

Let us bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Our gracious heavenly Father, it is indeed with privileges that we have of approaching Thee, our God and Saviour. Hearing this marvelous song, "How Great Thou Art," it thrills us because that we know that Thou art great. And we pray that Your greatness will be manifested to us anew this afternoon as we speak. And it is fallen my lot for the first time in many years to try to go back into life's past, and I pray that You'll give me strength and--and what I need, Lord, to be in this hour. And may all my mistakes in life only be a steppingstone to others, that would bring them closer to Thee. Grant it, Lord. May sinners see the footprints on the sands of time, and may they be led to Thee. These things we ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen. (May be seated.)

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